What Happens When I Graduate?

1. When does my Barnard email account expire?

Every year, gBear/myBarnard accounts for the graduating class in that year expires on November 1st. For example, the gBear/myBarnard accounts for the Class of 2014 graduates expire on November 1, 2015.

Graduating seniors and alumnae should set up an alternate email account and activate their Barnard alumna account, including their alumna forwarding address. See the Alumnae Relations User Login page for more details and to ask questions about your alumna account.

2. How can I transfer all existing and incoming emails to a new email account?

Forward New Incoming Emails

You can edit the settings in your gBear account to forward all of your new incoming emails to a different email address. New emails will continue to forward until your account is deactivated on November 1st. Please see instructions on how to do this.

Transfer Existing Emails

You can transfer your existing emails from your gBear account in a couple of ways. One way could be to select which emails you would like to transfer and forward them each individually to your new account. A more efficient way would be to enable the POP settings on your gBear account in order to get all of your existing gBear email transfer over to your new gmail account all at once. You can follow these instructions or feel free to call the Student Computing office for further assistance.

Automatic Reply Message

You may also want to consider creating an automated reply email using the Vacation Responder in your gBear settings. This will send an email automatically to all incoming messages that are received in your gBear email account. You can personalize your message in any way you choose, maybe indicating that your account will expire or that they can contact you at a different email address. To set this up please follow these instructions.

ie: Thank you for contacting me at student@barnard.edu, however please note that my email address has changed and you can contact me in the future at student@gmail.com

Transfer Google Apps data from gBear to a personal Gmail account

  • You will need to have a personal gmail account to transfer your files to.
  • Please begin the transfer process on a private, NOT PUBLIC, computer as part of the transferring includes downloading the archive file you create. If you must use a public computer then please save the archive zipped file to some type of external media such as a USB drive.  This is for the security of your data.
  • “Sharing” your Google Drive contents with a personal gmail account will not retain the data for you. “Forwarding” mail will not continue to forward after the account is deactivated on Nov 1st. Once an account is “deactivated” Barnard no longer has access to your data.

        Go to https://www.google.com/takeout/ and login with your myBarnard/gBear credentials.

  • Select any number of data choices (Mail, Contacts, Drive, etc.) to include in your transfer. The more options you select, the larger the archive file and the longer it takes Google to create. Note the small gray arrows that show more options so that you can be as selecive as you would like.


  • Once you select a Service, whether it be all services or a specific one, Google takeout will create the file and then you must click the download button to save the archive file.

Please note: The archive file will be a zip/compressed file and the contained items will need to be extracted to be able to upload them to your new account.




  • Final step is to login to your personal Gmail account that you want to upload the files to and complete the transfer process. (Remember to extract all of the files first to a secure location.)

Please note: Each service you chose to archive will need to be imported/uploaded separately into your personal account. For example, if you archived your contacts, then you will need to use the import feature in your contacts home screen to get all of your gBear contacts into your personal Gmail account contacts list.

3. What campus computers can I use? How can I print?

Alumnae can purchase printing pages. However, even if an alumna purchases printing pages, she is NOT entitled to use the student computer labs. She is welcome to print in the Library on the first and second floors. The Vagelos Alumnae Center has two computers with Microsoft Office for alumnae use.

4. When does my Columbia UNI expire?

Please contact CUIT for specific information regarding your UNI expiration.

We recommend that you download the most recent version of Symantec Anti-Virus from the CUIT website BEFORE the summer is over.

Once you download Anti-Virus software, you will NEVER have to pay for Anti-Virus updates! For more information on your Columbia account, visit the CUIT website.