Fostering Achievement


We are in the midst of a particularly exciting, yet challenging, time in the science and mathematics departments here at Barnard College. As part of our participation in Project Kaleidoscope’s Leadership Initiative, a team of faculty and administrators have drafted a set of goals that will help us to achieve our vision of “science for all students.” Many of the proposed strategies focus on innovations in gateway courses and on improved student mentoring. Several seminar meetings will focus on fostering junior women science faculty. The pedagogical and curricular changes that the College is considering can take time away from individual faculty’s research efforts, which are critical for tenure success. By joining the two issues of advancing diverse students and faculty in one seminar, we confront interrelated issues, and help faculty devise strategies to strengthen their teaching and maintain the high quality of their research programs. 
The Fostering Achievement series is a forum for Barnard science, mathematics, and education faculty to discuss teaching and advising, with an emphasis on issues particularly important for women and students of color. Presentations by outside speakers and Barnard faculty provide resources for identifying and solving problems.
The Fostering Achievement Seminar meets over lunch, three to four times per semester. Lunch is provided for seminar participants, courtesy of the Office of the Provost. The Fostering Achievement Seminar has also received support from the Consortium on High Achievement for Success (CHAS) and from Columbia Earth Institute ADVANCE Program