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European Studies



Students who intend to major in European Studies should consult a member of the department in their sophomore year to plan their academic programs.

The senior requirements vary according to the discipline studied. Majors should consult their advisers for details.

Students may focus on one country or one region of Europe. Competence in the language of the region is expected. The major includes:

A. A concentration consisting of five courses in an academic discipline chosen in consultation with the major adviser. A maximum of two of these courses that deal with European topics may be counted among the ten courses in the regional concentration (Part B).

B. Ten courses focusing on a country or region to include:

  • Two courses in European History;
  • Two courses in the literature or cultural studies of one country in the original language;
  • Two semester senior projects under the direction of the program adviser or an adviser in the minor field;
  • Four courses outside the field of concentration dealing with the selected country or region.

The following list is only a sample selection of courses that may be applied to the major.

Anthropology V 3100 Anthropology of Urban Life
Anthropology V 3038 Ethnicity and Race
Art History V 3475, 3521  Art and Culture of the Northern Renaissance Seventeenth-Century Painting and Public Life in the Lowlands, 1580-1700
Economics BC 3041  Theoretical Foundation of Political Economy
History BC 1101, 1102   Introduction to European History (recommended as prerequisites for other history courses)
History BC 3321  Colonial Encounters: Europe and the culture of Empire
History BC 3323  European Women in the Age of Revolution
History BC 4360    London: From 'Great Wen' to World City
History BC 4368   History of the Senses
PHIL V 3352 Recent European Philosophy
PHIL V 3353 European Social Philosophy
PHIL V 3740 Hermeneutics, History, and the Human Sciences
Political Science BC 3007 Modern Political Movements
Political Science BC 3013, 3014  Political Theory
Political Science V 3501 Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe
Political Science V 1501 Comparative Politics
Religion V 1101 Introduction to the Study of Western Religion
Religion V 3501 18th- and 19th-Century Religious Thought
Sociology V 3100 Introduction to Social Theory
Theatre V 3150x Theatre History
Theatre V 3152 Theatre Studies:  Performative Cultures of the Third Reich
Theatre BC 3186x Modern Drama
French courses in Culture and Literature See French
German courses in Culture and Literature See German
Italian courses in Culture and Literature See Italian
Spanish courses in Culture and Literature See Spanish