Program Filing

Update Your Program on myBarnard

You gain access to online program-filing through myBarnard.

Log in to myBarnard. You will need a valid Barnard email login and password. If you do not know your Barnard email password, consult Student Computing Services. Go to Academics and then to myCourses.  Click on Current Semester.

You will see either a notation that you have no courses or, once you have begun the process, the courses that you have entered.

Before adding any courses, make sure you have the 5-digit call number for each course you want to add. Call numbers are available in the Directory of Classes. To add a course, enter the 5-digit call number of the course you are adding to your program in the "Add" column and click on "Submit". To delete a course or courses, enter the call number/s in the "Drop" column and "Submit". You may enter as many as ten courses at one time, five Adds and five Drops. Use the Tab key to move among the boxes.

modify courselistIf "Comments and Reminders" appear, read them. They will identify a specific problem, such as a time conflict, a missing call number, or a program of under 12 or over 18 points. No time conflicts are allowed; you will not be able to enter two courses that overlap. If you think you have permission for a time conflict, go to the Registrar’s Office. If you list a program of under 12 or over 18 points, the system will accept it, but you must have the approval of both your adviser (online) and your Class Dean (online or in writing to the Registrar’s Office). If you do not have both approvals, your program will be invalid.

You may make as many changes as you like over the course of a day or days, but unless your adviser approves the changes, they will not be processed. If your adviser has approved a course, a red check mark appears in the "status" column before the course title. If your adviser approved a course and the course was updated overnight to the College database, the check mark will be green. If you added a course without approval, the course will appear on your Program Filing form, but without a check mark. If you dropped without approval, the "Comments and Reminders" will remind you. Only courses with green check marks will be on your program in the College database.

If you add an "L" course to your myBarnard program, you will have to follow the Online L Course Signup Procedure.

Changes to your program will be processed overnight. Please note that you will not be able to access online Program Filing between 9am and 10am, while the daily transactions are being updated to the College database.

Your Adviser Approves Your Program

After you enter your complete and correct list of courses, meet with your adviser. When you see your adviser, either you or your adviser can call up your program on the screen. All your adviser then needs to do is enter his/her password in the Adviser Approval box and "Approve". Your program is then approved. If you make changes, your adviser must again enter the approval. (Your adviser also has access to your program, and the ability to change it.)

In order to declare your major, change your major, or change major advisers, you must file paperwork with the Registrar’s Office so that your new adviser is able to approve your program. To confirm that your current adviser is on file, log into myBarnard and make sure your adviser’s name appears on the Program Filing page.

The deadline for final program-filing is the second Friday of the semester, 6:00 pm. After that time, students and advisers will be able to view programs, but not to change them. See all deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

Before you ask your adviser to approve your program be sure that:

  • all of your classes appear in the List of Courses at the top of your myBarnard screen
  • no class you are NOT taking is in the List of Courses
  • there are no classes waiting for action in the L Course Signup area at the bottom of the screen

Degree Audit

You also have online access to an audit of your degree requirements (all requirements except those for the major).  You and your adviser should consult it as you plan your program, and should notify the Registrar's Office of inaccuracies or omissions.

Program Icons

Note that icons on your program screen enable you  to print your program, to see a schedule grid, to go to the list of courses satisfying GER, and to go to the online course catalog.